Cook your way to good health!

22 April 2011 - 9:20pm 4 Comments

Kechara Media and Publication’s first ever cookbook is out! The much anticipated Eat Healthy, Daily: 21 Traditional Chinese Vegetarian Recipes for Healing, which can potentially revolutionise your diet and health is now in bookstores or Kechara Paradise outlets near you!

This book is more than just another vegetarian cookbook. It is actually a cookbook with dietary strategies to combat modern health illnesses, including cancer, diabetes and obesity. These problems are a result of our modern lifestyle, which sees a combination of poor eating habits and consuming too much of processed foods. Thus the recipes in the book were selected by Dr Jiang, to address these nutritional ills. According to Dr Jiang, vegetables are natural medicines and this book offers a cooking perspective on them.

The book was featured on the pilot episode of Veg and the City: Two Girls and a Cookbook, screened at the book launch where a talk on proper vegetarian nutrition formed the core of an afternoon of healthy living.

Grab a copy of this cookbook to change your life today! For more information, or to buy your own copy on, visit us on our website or visit one of our Kechara Paradise outlets now!

4 Responses to Cook your way to good health!

  1. Everyone wants to be healthy, right? Then again, you must eat right in order to be healthy. You must also know what you are eating and how to cook it in the best combination. This cookbook will help you to cook simple and yet healthy dishes. Very reasonably priced, very informative grossaries, and easy to cook recipes! It’s also available at MPH bookstores. Don’t miss it!

  2. Bought this book from KP 1U, it’s a very useful cookbook to combat our health issues. Will get another copy and send to Singapore to my sister in law, she loves vegetarian food.

  3. i recently visited Kechara Oasis @ the viva home in KL and saw this book. i cant find it anywhere and would like to purchase it.

    please advise where i can buy it please?

    i live in Melbourne, Australia

    • Hi Anupa, I’ll forward your details on to the administration who will be able to help you :)