Be Greedy – a new English title is out

20 December 2011 - 3:17pm Comments Off

Let’s admit it – we’re all very greedy. Whether it’s money, relationships, branded items or attention, we all wish we could have more, with minimal effort. This little guide gives us a different perspective – how to be greedy in a way that promises far more rewards than we can imagine.

In this classic teaching, Tsem Rinpoche gives us practical, lively examples for how we can gain all the wealth we could ever want, hassle free, and live life to the fullest, without any fear or inhibitions. Be Greedy will reveal secrets for achieving all the things you’ve ever wanted – don’t be surprised that it’s actually much easier than you think…

Get your little guide to creating merit and living fearlessly now! Be Greedy is now available at all Kechara Paradise outlets. This beautiful title can also be purchased online at

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