An evening of healthy living

1 June 2011 - 10:57pm 1 Comment

A new healing vegetarian lifestyle was introduced at the launch of Eat Healthy, Daily, a bilingual cookbook featuring healing vegetarian recipes.

Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) hosted the launch of this cookbook on 20 May 2011 at Kechara Oasis in Jaya One, featuring Kechara’s very own celebrity author Jamie Khoo and celebrity designer Eric Choong who hosted the event.

Phng Li Kim, CEO of KMP giving a speech during the launch

Present at the launch were various members of the media like these writers from VisionKL

The recipes in the book were formulated by Dr Jiang Zhong, based on traditional Chinese Medicine; in effect, the dishes are not only delicious, but wholesome and simple enough to be cooked at home with minimal effort and maximum health benefits.

Jamie and Eric explained that a special feature of Eat Healthy, Daily is that each recipe is accompanied by an explanation of its healing effects. The book also comes with a special pull-out poster, with a chart outlining the benefits and side-effects of the most common ingredients used in daily cooking. All these were effectively portrayed in a comical video episode of Veg & The City, which was screened for the very first time during the launch.

Guests and media loved the inaugural screening of Veg & The City

After Jamie and Eric’s introduction, Wong Yu Jin, a specialist in Holistic Nutrition, gave a talk on Vegetarianism: A Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle. Wong explained how a vegetarian diet can be balanced and healthy for everyone. He also assured everyone that being vegetarian does not compromise our health, as is the common misconception; with the right combination and treatment of foods, it can be just as nutritionally sound, if not better, than conventional diets.

Nutritionist Wong Yu Jin gave an excellent talk on the virtues of being vegetarian

Delectable dishes from the cookbook were served during the launch

As if to prove a point, guests were then treated to scrumptious servings of dishes featured in this book, courtesy of the skilled chefs at Kechara Oasis. This led to a delectable conclusion to the day’s event as guests and media had their fill of the delicious dishes.

Celebrity designer Eric Choong catching up with his friends right after the launch

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