A weekend in the North

29 June 2010 - 8:02am Comments Off

It was an exciting past weekend when Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) Liaisons Sharon Saw and Jamie Khoo headed up north to Penang to present two book clubs at Kechara Paradise Penang.

Jamie giving a sharing about Snakes, Roosters and Pigs

With Sharon presenting the new Tsongkhapa box set on Friday evening and Jamie giving a sharing on His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s new book, Snakes, Roosters and Pigs, it was an action-packed weekend with great get-togethers between Kechara representatives from KL and our Penangite friends.

Sharon signing books for customers

The book clubs were run a little differently this time in Penang. Instead of just doing a book reading and sharing, Sharon also led the whole group through a short but beautiful Guru Yoga puja, proving to everyone how simple this powerful practice can be. Then, on Saturday, after giving everyone a brief overview of the Snakes book, Jamie also played excerpts from the DVD that is attached with the book. This introduced new friends to Rinpoche’s animated, dynamic teaching style and gave them a clearer idea of the teachings within the book.

Visiting Kek Lok Si temple where Louise and Yvonne of Kechara Discovery sponsored a new temple tile on behalf of Kechara

Kechara Discovery (KD) also came up to Penang and joined the action at our Saturday book club with their large and beautiful array of pendants.

Both KD and KMP had the chance to meet many new friends and faces in KP Penang, and also saw how much the small group up north have grown in the last year. Some of the Penang group have also been coming down to KL regularly to join in our activities, marking greater exchange between the diverse groups around the country.

Patsy (centre) and Sharon (left) talking about the KMP books to a customer

Sharon leads the group and her parents (pictured here) through the Guru Yoga

The Tsongkhapa box set in Penang

The video screening of Rinpoche's Snakes, Roosters and Pigs teachings

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