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1 September 2011 - 2:57pm Comments Off

To meet one thousand friends a year is not impossible. What is more miraculous is meeting someone who can change your life for the better, both now and ultimately, AND will guide you for one thousand years! Sounds a little ridiculous? Not at all – read Kechara Media & Publications’ (KMP) latest book No Such Thing As Coincidence and you will totally agree with us!

We meet people every single day but how many of them do you remember? How many of them influence your life, and how many of them spoil your day? Not that many? Still, there are people you meet who will make an impact and for those who are spiritual, this person is their Guru.

With the kind sponsorship of Saw Eng Huat, KMP has published our latest Chinese title No Such Thing As Coincidence, to share with readers the real experience of meeting their Guru; someone who changed their life, or even gave them a new life.

For many, a Guru is someone far and away, unreachable and promotes teachings irrelevant to their lives. However, the Guru in this book, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche is someone with whom we can live and breathe together. He is someone who guides his students all the way to a better life and to ultimate happiness. Most importantly, the authors of the 13 articles in the book are non-professional writers, but they share the most amazing and unbelievable experience of their life, with their genuine motivation and passion to touch your heart. With the effort of translators, editors and designers, KMP have taken approximately six months to produce this book.

We hope everyone who receives a copy of this book will contribute towards it, as your donation will be channeled to the newly-established Chinese Translation Team (CTT). The CTT was formed to assist in spreading Rinpoche’s teachings amongst local and foreign Chinese-speaking spiritual seekers, by translating all of Rinpoche’s teachings, in both the audio-visual and written form.

So please show your support and pick up a copy of No Such Thing As Coincidence. Help us publish more Chinese books and translate more of Rinpoche’s works into Chinese!

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