#10: Crews’ Corner 18 August 2010

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David Lai

Due to the various activities of the many Kechara departments, life as a Kecharian is fun and pretty jam-packed. This is even more so if you hold a position in one of the departments or you are committed towards it in any way, shape or form. So life has been pretty busy and exciting!

To add to that is our new KH gompa, which is in the midst of construction and KSK’s signboard that just went up for the world to see. Our horizons seems to hold endless possibilities…

Another interesting department that recently sprung up is Kechara Care. Kechara Care now operates a really cool hangout place a mere stone’s throw from Kechara House 2. It comes complete with delicious drinks (non-alcoholic), disco balls, dancing poles and podium, karaoke and real fun larger-than-life posters of Madonna, The Rocky Horror Show and Star Trek. Not too long ago, I had a great time chilling out in Kechara Care to a few easy tunes on the karaoke box along with great company while sipping cool drinks. I liked the fact that the place is owned by Kechara, and that makes us pretty hip and cool for a Buddhist groupie. Secondly, we get to stay as long as we like! In other words, this is a great hangout for friends and family alike. It comes with a big thumbs up and my hearty recommendation for weekends and after a long day at work. It is great being a Kecharian!

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Sharon Saw

The highlight of last week was KMP’s participation at Kechara Paradise Penang’s roadshow in Queensbay Mall, Penang. Prior to departure, we were deciding which books to promote, and since it was our first time at Queensbay, we decided that our flagship book, If Not Now, When would be our focus and gave it a whopping great promotion at 50% off retail price. It was successful because we sold out of all the stock we brought! Being the Seventh Month Hungry Ghost festival and all, we also promoted our Setrap box set… to the point we sold out as well! So all in all, it was a successful roadshow.

We also met a few interesting characters – Shiau Wen, the sister of Dr Lanse, our Chinese translator and editor at Kechara Media & Publications (KMP), came to visit on both days. On the second day, she brought a friend, Mr Koay, who pledged to support KMP by monthly donations. Shiau Wen herself is a monthly sponsor of KMP.

Towards the end of the roadshow on Sunday evening, I was about to head off for dinner when a gentleman, Mr Chan, and his family came by our booth. We chatted for a while and among other things, he said that he believed in sponsoring books but not building temples. Anyway, he then left with his family, without buying anything. As Susan and I were finally going to leave to get some dinner, Mr Chan returned to our booth with his father. He said that his father had told him that he forgot something. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out RM300 which he offered as a donation for KMP. I was so very touched! Thank you to Mr Chan, Mr Chan Senior, Mr Koay, Shiau Wen and all those who believe in what KMP is doing and your support!

The next day, I also had the opportunity to interview Margaret Chin, Patsy Gooi’s godmother. Patsy is the manager of Kechara Paradise and the sister of Ruby Khong, Liaison and President of Kechara Soup Kitchen. Margaret met Rinpoche more than ten years ago, and Rinpoche had given her a practice to do as she was suffering from the side effects of 3rd stage cancer. Margaret believes that Rinpoche’s advice and the practice she received changed her life. The interview will be published sometime soon so watch out for it!

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Jamie Khoo

They say it doesn’t rain, it pours! But that’s when things get most exciting. I’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks managing a few different things at the same time. Apart from some additional projects I’ve been doing with His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, I’ve also been nursemaid to a close friend who recently became very ill and even had to be admitted to hospital.

I must say, much can be learnt in learning to care for someone ill – it is worrying but the experience is a valuable lesson in the frailty of the human body, impermanence and the importance of using our time carefully. You just never know when you’ll get ill, fall out of action and be unable to do something truly meaningful. Luckily, this friend is now well and back on his feet…

…and I too am back to work at the KMP office, where deadlines are looming ever closer and projects are still waiting to be done :) as I am writing this, an exciting pink has been dropped off at my desk – the next new DVD of Dharma Princess Diaries! Whoot, you’re gonna love this one – packed full of lovely adventures from Petaling Jaya to Gaden Monastery to London!

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