What is the Sign of Someone Motivated by Bodhicitta?

17 April 2010 - 1:30am Comments Off

When we transform our minds motivated by bodhicitta, what will happen is our motivation is always spontaneous, to benefit others. We will our minds to think about how to bring benefit to others and the secret is it will be spontaneous. It will not be an effort. It will not be like, “Oh, I got to think how to help.” Sometimes when you don’t help it will feel unnatural, and only when you help will you be at peace and happy. Why? Because your self-cherishing mind, the “I’m more important than others” has come down. That’s what Buddha says.

People who are close to us will love us more, will respect us more. And we will inspire them to practise. And when we practise, it will benefit our parents, our relatives – the ones we love. Why? They’re responsible for us. Since they’re responsible, when we do good actions, the actions flow to them. So if we love our parents, our fathers and mothers, our children, our wives, our husbands, and our friends and our sponsors – then we need to practise Dharma. Why? It will help them very much. This is a lasting way to help the people you love. Not just with food and money and shelter, but their death and their next life. If you love your mother, if you love your father – those are the people who are the closest to most of us. That is the best way a poor man and a poor woman like us can benefit them. It’s free. Where does that come from? Dharma and alertness.

Even people who have just met us will look at us and stare at us. Why? We will have a glow. We will have some kind of attraction. We will have some kind of energy that people cannot put their finger on or touch, or point out. That when they see us, they’re like, “(gasps) Who’s that?”, “Wow, who’s that?”, “What? What? Who’s that person?”, “I feel this person has something special”, “I feel this person is different”. They don’t know why or what but they’re attracted to you. Why? Because the inner love, the bodhicitta is brimming over, is coming out. Definitely. That’s why certain people have a lot of care and love for others.


Tsem Rinpoche

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