Gurus for Hire, Enlightenment for Sale

14 October 2009 - 1:54pm Comments Off

Never before this has this been openly addressed… all you ever wanted to know but never dared ask about Gurus, disciples, groupies, sponsors, Dharma centres, different approaches and philosophies, who’s right, who’s best, why there is neither right nor best, and what it all has to do with YOU.

H. E. Tsem Rinpoche has seen it all: from raking leaves at his first Guru’s Mongolian temple to becoming the teenage personal assistant to H.H. Zong Rinpoche in Los Angeles; from being recognised as an eminent incarnation at world-renowned Gaden Monastery to evolving into an electrifying, pioneer teacher of contemporary Dharma, Rinpoche has witnessed all the bickering, bashing, broken bonds, bruised egos, Bodhisattvas and boogie-men.

Touching on a variety of near-taboo subjects, Rinpoche compassionately shows us the keys to finding our own way in the labyrinths of today’s spiritual supermarket, and why the holy journey is still worth every thorny step we take.

Language                    : English
Subtitle                        : Chinese
Total Discs                  : 4
Total Running Time : 24 hours 20 minutes

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