Dharma Starts at Home

11 October 2009 - 6:34am Comments Off

It is a universal truth that all beings seek fulfillment and happiness in their lives. The Buddha taught and embodied this truth and hence many find solace in his teachings and his image. That is why for Buddhists, setting up an altar to the Buddha is of paramount importance for their spiritual practice. An altar to the Buddha is the focal point from which one ushers in fulfillment, happiness and wealth into their homes and lives.

This video guide explains in a clear and modern way how to set up an altar to a holy Buddha image. It also explains how we can make offerings on the altar, how to prostrate to the Buddha and the basic meditation posture. All these practices are essential towards a fulfilling and successful spiritual practice.

Language                     : English
Subtitle                         : Chinese
Total Discs                   : 1
Total Running Time  : 22 minutes

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