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Activities and Courses

Our courses and activities are suitable for groups of all sizes and ages, and new activities are constantly being developed to cater for the needs of all.

Customised courses for larger groups are also available upon request. Whether you seek a healthier lifestyle, spiritual realignment or self-development, we have the right programme for you.

Inner Reflection Retreat

The Inner Reflection Retreat is a 5-day journey to personal discovery that is both intimate and empowering. The retreat is specially designed in a way that allows participants to apply meditation techniques acquired in the Inner Peace Retreat to accomplish visible and sustainable progress in their spiritual journey. View full program details here.

Inner Peace Retreat

A wellness programme that aims to reconnect individuals of the fast-paced 21st century with their environment and self. It is designed to offer an opportunity to realise peace and happiness through meditation, which contributes to improved perception of oneself and others, harmonious relationships and increased professional contentment. View full program details here.

Kind to Nature Programme

Awakening your awareness of nature while developing clarity of mind and easing stress-related problems that are prevalent in modern life. These programme are essentially a living meditation that reintroduces Mother Nature to participants, creates mindfulness of how one interacts with the environment, and helps develop wholesome living habits.

Kind to Self Programme

Restore the yin and yang within yourself with various forms of meditation and meditative exercises. These programmes will restore your inner balance and harmony, and leave you enriched with the skills to cope with stress and rigours of daily life.

Kind to Others Programme

Discover your innate goodness and nurture the qualities of harmony, love and compassion within yourself and towards others. These programmes bring Buddha’s timeless ancient wisdom into the 21st century, develops your natural caring nature, and reaffirms your spiritual journey, regardless of race or religion.

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