Wisdom Hall at Kechara Forest Retreat

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At Kechara, Dharma’s sacred spaces are evolving in modernity. Our locations are moving from the busy city to the peaceful forest. Our architecture, which has already been considered modern compared to the traditional Tibetan busy, elaborate, colourful interiors have also evolved to cleaner, brighter, more minimalist designs.

Wisdom Hall is an example of a modern building within a forest enclave, which is practical, simple yet exuding serene spirituality. Surrounded by the Enchanted Forest, the Dukkar Apartments and Manjushri Hill, Wisdom Hall serves as a venue for traditional pujas and for Tsem Rinpoche to give teachings.

It will cater for the growing number of students while the larger 3000 capacity multifunction hall in the front of KFR is being built. The capacity of Wisdom Hall is twice that of the current city gompa at Kechara House, Sunwaymas.

The main focus of the altar at the end of the Hall will be a 12ft Shakyamuni copper statue. Shakyamuni Buddha’s image is universal and everyone can relate to him. This beautiful handcrafted statue was commissioned under the artistic and watchful eyes of Liaison Paul Yap, who has been in charge of commissioning all the large Buddha statues at Kechara and now Kechara Forest Retreat.

Liaison Dato’ Ruby Khong was placed in charge of overseeing the construction of Wisdom Hall approximately two months ago. The hall was designed to be simple and uncluttered, with a zen-like concept. It is fully glazed with floor to ceiling glass panels on the sides and the front, bringing light and the surroundings right into the building.

Facilities in the Hall include a large pantry with sufficient space to make tormas for pujas, an audience room for H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, a Dharma shop and a reception area.

The building has also been designed with access for people with disabilities in mind. There are two handicapped toilets, as well as ramps for wheelchair access to the main hall. In the front of the hall, there is a feature wall, which cleverly camouflages a shoe rack behind it. There will be a roundabout in front, and within the roundabout, there will be a large incense burner and a space for making up to 600 candle offerings.

The estimated date of completion is July 4, which is barely a month away. How exciting! Keep watching this space!

The beautiful 12 foot Shakyamuni statue which will be the centerpiece of the altar at Wisdom Hall.

The altar area at the front of the Hall.

View from the altar towards the front of the Hall.

The fully-glazed walls allow light into the hall and an unobstructed view of the forest surrounding it.

Front view of Wisdom Hall from Dukkar Apartments

Side view of Wisdom Hall.

Extension of Wisdom Hall’s storeroom by another 10 feet.

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