Welcoming A Visiting Monk

2 June 2015 - 4:26pm Comments Off

Kechara Forest Retreat has been fortunate to host the visit of H.E. the 7th Panglung Kuten, also known as Choje-la. Performing various pujas (prayer rituals), Choje-la cleared the land of obstacles for further works. The ritual also blessed the environment so that all programmes and activities held here will be beneficial to all. Attendees of the prayer ritual also had the opportunity to request for their various ailments to be healed.

Choje-la is not an ordinary monk or person, but a highly trained oracle who was personally trained by the previous Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche. Over 40 years ago, he was fully authorized by His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche to be the official Panglung Kuten (oracle).

Thus Choje-la is able to take trance of four great Dharma protectors. They are able to enter him, taking full control of his body and speech. He thus becomes a vessel to deliver their messages, prophecies, advice and miracles for the last 30 years.

Beyond Choje-la’s role as an oracle, he is also a pure monk who has held his vows for over 40 years. Thus Choje-la’s prayers definitely have power through the blessings of the vows he is holding.

For over 100 people, it was a real honour and privilege to be able to participate in an intricate ritual that is authentic, accurate and performed by someone who sincerely wants to benefit all sentient beings. We hope that in the future, we are able to invite more pure monks like Choje-la, to connect people who are interested in such forms of spirituality to methods and paths that they find interesting, healing and enlightening.

Attendees of the Ting Tru Yul Tru puja pose for a photograph with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and H.E. the 7th Panglung Kuten

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