The First Retreat at Dukkar Apartments

17 September 2013 - 2:39pm Comments Off

Whenever we embark on a huge project that will bring about tremendous benefit to others, there are bound to be obstacles that arise due to our negative karma, as well as the negative karma of the people who would potentially be benefited by the project. Dato’ Ruby Khong is spearheading one of the biggest projects at Kechara Forest Retreat – the construction of the World Peace Hall in the front of the land, which will commence before the end of this year. As such, Rinpoche has kindly prescribed a special retreat for Dato’ Ruby before the project begins.

The retreat is a Vajrapani Retreat which helps to clear major obstacles mostly related to health. During this retreat, Dato’ Ruby will complete 50,000 mantra recitations within eight days. It is particularly auspicious that she will be the first person to go into retreat at Dukkar Apartments of Kechara Forest Retreat.

Here are some photos of Dato’ Ruby beginning her retreat.

Altar set up

Getting ready

Starting her retreat

In deep contemplation

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