Retreat into the Jungle and Journey of Self Discovery

3 October 2016 - 2:34am Comments Off

Our Inner Peace Retreat for the month of August saw a mixed group of participants including six Buddhists, one Hindu and one Sikh participant. A family of four spent their weekend with us in Kechara Forest Retreat meditating during their daughter’s semester break while a wife decided to treat her husband to a special birthday present. How wonderful is that?

The Inner Peace Retreat is a wellness programme wherein participants will learn the basic techniques of sitting and walking meditation and practise with trained facilitators within the sacred embrace of mother nature through sessions like Sunrise Meditation and reflection at the famous Chamang Waterfall. Fun filled activities such as Expression Through Art are included to allow participants to express their feelings in a different way using shapes and colours.

On the last day, special Grounding and Debriefing Exercises are conducted to help participants internalise the wisdom teachings and experiences so that the knowledge and tools acquired through the programme are sustained. Participants can then incorporate meditation into their lifestyles to further enhance their life in a wholesome manner.

Kechara Forest Retreat

Participants learn about sitting meditation

Walking Meditation at Tara Walk

Meditation at Chamang Waterfall

Sunrise Meditation in the misty morning

Expressing your inner self through art

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