Preloved Sales in Kechara Forest Retreat

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On 20 February 2016 (Saturday), Kechara Forest Retreat had its second open house in conjunction with the Lunar New Year. There were many activities held but the most anticipated one was the pre-loved sales. H.E the 25th Tsem Rinpoche has very generously donated many precious items from his personal collection and all items were marked down to a jaw-dropping 90%!

The pre-loved sale is good in terms of offering practitioners the opportunity to get statues, holy items and ritual items at real special prices; especially some blessed items from Rinpoche’s collection. Some friends including myself got some statues or tsa tsas for friends who are new to Buddhism. I found many Kecharians also got the opportunity to upgrade their altar with bigger statues; I think this is very good.

~Sharon Ong

Through Rinpoche’s kind motivation in donating his personal items, everyone has the opportunity to invite these highly blessed items back home for their spiritual practice. These items range from statues to hand-painted thangkas to books, all personally chosen by Rinpoche. All funds raised are channelled to media and publications works, as well as monastic works and charities.

In just about an hour after the sales started, the shop was half empty! Almost 70% of the pre-loved items were invited home by Kecharians and also the local Bentong folks! Some VIP guests – YB Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, who is also Malaysia’s Transport Minister, and YB Senator Dato’ Hoh Khai Mun, visited the pre-loved sales to show their support whilst attending KFR’s Chinese New Year Open House. Everyone returned home with smiles on their faces.

It’s a wonderful sale and I think that it is a good and effective platform for lay practitioners to connect with holy beings.

~Lum Kok Luen

Thanks to Rinpoche’s generosity, I really felt happy and blessed to be able to invite a wealth vase, White Tara and Dzambala statues at unbelievable prices! It was also the first time my sister-in-law and her husband visited KFR and they too invited some statues back home. Definitely looking forward to the next pre-loved sales!

~Kevin Lam

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