Meditation + Photography Retreat: A Great Success!

23 November 2015 - 3:01pm Comments Off

The Meditation + Photography Retreat is a 2D1N program held in Kechara Forest Retreat where participants engage in photography with peace of mind. During the program, participants also experienced how a calm mind can affect our perspective.

Kim Teoh, renowned local professional photographer and Chief Editor of TravelMate Magazine was the photography teacher while Pastor Adeline Woon was the meditation teacher who led participants through simple methods to explore inner peace.

The program started with Kim Teoh guiding participants through basic photography knowledge, followed by a photography session. In between photography sessions, meditation classes were conducted to guide participants to focus within.

The many beautiful locations in Kechara Forest Retreat became the site of intense photography sessions, including Tara Walk, Rinpoche’s Cabin, The Fish Pond, Manjushri Hill, Wisdom Hall, Vajrayogini Stupa, The Aviary, Herbs Garden and Dukkar Apartments. Other guest speakers were Pastor Chia Song Peng who explained the history of Kechara Forest Retreat, Pastor Loh Seng Piow who shared his photography and drone experience; and Green Project Manager Phng Li Kheng who shared how going back to nature brings her true happiness.

The improvement in the participants’ skills was clear. On the first day, everyone was focused on applying the newly-learned photography techniques; by the second day, these skills had become second nature and the photos became more focused on capturing the beauty of nature.

Sharing sessions were held after each photography session. In the final sharing session before the end of the program, all participants expressed gratitude for what they had experienced. Their sharing reflected the ultimate truth – that each of us have the ability to heal ourselves. We hope that this Meditation + Photography Retreat will be able to open up possibilities for us to find solutions for our problems, by looking within.

Feedback From Participants

It’s a good program, a concept that combines Meditation & Photography. I gained consciousness and awareness for what I do and what I love to do without any emails or calls to draw me away. ~ Gary Chuah Cheng Wai

I was able to look at KFR from different angles, I saw the vitality in KFR and the fruition of Rinpoche’s vision, which is to create a conscious community. ~ Liang Wei Theng

I experienced peace of mind and I was touched by the Buddha statue in Wisdom Hall. ~ Cha Yen Hui

A beautiful environment with mountains and water, a good place to rest and practice inner self. Beautiful. ~ Kam Ah Lat

The combination of meditation and photography is a good concept; apart from improving the shooting content, it also improves our spiritual and inner self. ~ Tei Tiang Boo

What I experienced here is not only Buddhadharma, but includes everything such as modern art, Chinese art, etc. ~ Wong Zhen Huang

Photos Taken by Participants

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