Lama Tsongkhapa Day Celebrated At Kechara Forest Retreat

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Lama Tsongkhapa is renowned as the Second Buddha of our fortunate eon and the founder of the Gelug lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Lama Tsongkhapa ushered in a renaissance within Tibetan Buddhism, performing many great deeds, among them the building of Gaden Monastery and the composition of the Lamrim Chenmo, also known as “The Great Exposition of the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment”.

Tsongkhapa Day commemorates Lama Tsongkhapa’s attainment of enlightenment. It is also known as the Butter Lamp Festival and falls on the 25th day of the 10th lunar month according to the Tibetan calendar. Making offerings and sincere prayers on this most auspicious day enhances one’s merit and strengthens the quality of one’s own spiritual practice.

In 2013, Kechara held its Lama Tsongkhapa Day celebration for the first time at the Kechara Forest Retreat on Sunday 8 December. The event was attended by over 300 people including Kecharians and their families, 66 people from Johor Bahru, 31 from Kuantan and many newcomers.

The celebration began in Wisdom Hall at 9:30am with a meditation session focused on breathing led by Pastor Adeline Woon who also gave a brief sharing on Lama Tsongkhapa. This was followed by the Lama Chopa prayer led by Kechara pastors. The Lama Chopa prayer invokes the blessings of all the lineage masters stemming from Buddha Shakyamuni, through the great Lama Tsongkhapa until our own guru, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. This prayer clears obstacles to our spiritual path and blesses us to be successful in our endeavours.

Everyone was then encouraged to make light offerings to the magnificent Lama Tsongkhapa statue in front of Wisdom Hall on this auspicious day. Making light offerings on a regular basis is an important practice as it blesses oneself and one’s mind while also assisting in one’s spiritual development. Learn about the benefits of offering light here.

Kechara staff had organised a pot luck lunch in advance, where those who were attending the celebrations were asked to bring a dish or two with them to contribute to the lunch, which was held in the common dining area at Dukkar Apartments.

We would like to thank the following people for their kind contribution:

  • Fried rice and fried meehoon by Suki Chong
  • Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh by Sharon Ong
  • Putu Mayam by KT Goh
  • Pao by Mrs Lee Chew Mooi
  • Popiah, Pai-tee and pao by Mrs Chuah
  • Fruits by Ho Kok Meng
  • Dumplings by Jessica Mok
  • Herbal Eggs by Leonard Chia
  • Pong Teh and sambal petai by Lucy Yap
  • Macaroni cheese & butter cakes by Sofi Lim
  • Cupcakes and chocolate chips cakes by Ashlee Tam
  • Vegetarian satay by Rena
  • Cupcakes by Mrs Yap Pee Pee

During lunch, there was a musical performance in Dukkar Apartments by children attending Kechara Sunday Dharma classes, showcasing their choral and instrumental achievements this year. Choo Wei Yan entertained the guests with two beautifully performed songs, while Rachel Tan Pei Wen and Seow Su Lin played the guitar and saxophone.

You can learn more about Lama Tsongkhapa and Tsongkhapa’s extremely beneficial practice on H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s blog. Simply follow the links below:

To find out more about upcoming events in Kechara Forest Retreat, please contact us on +603 7803 3908 or email us at [email protected].

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