Kechara Forest Retreat

3 May 2012 - 2:50am Comments Off

Recently, Kechara retail outlet staff got the chance of a lifetime. Why? Because we had the opportunity to visit the Kechara Forest Retreat in Chamang, Pahang. Soon, it will be a wonderful and relaxing place for us to do breath meditations, retreats, get away and enjoy the beautiful nature that cities cannot offer! Hence, we were really lucky to visit and be there in person.

The weather was cooling as the place was surrounded by trees and we could even hear the birds chirping away happily. We could smell the freshness of the air as we walked in from the road where we parked our cars. When we arrived, there were many volunteers doing gardening and cleaning. All were dressed for the occasion and happy to be there! There were also workers finishing up the necessary!

Jeffrey Yee kindly showed us around the land and things that still needed to be done by the volunteers. We spent an hour chatting and helping out before leaving for the busy buzzing city!

I must say, Datuk May Phng and team heading the project really did a FANTASTIC job in making the place so beautiful and comfortable. Not forgetting the hardworking volunteers!

Kechara retail outlet staff visiting Kechara Forest Retreat

We hope that you too can visit Kechara Foresst Retreat once it is up and ready for visit! For more information, please visit this site for updates !

If you would like to visit KFR, come to the Kechara Front Desk and register with Lucy Yap or Lim Tat Ming or call us at +603 7803 3908 or send an email to [email protected].

See you soon!

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