Kechara Forest Retreat Visit

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11th Aug 2012 – It was a hot Saturday afternoon, but KC Lounge was a hive of activity as Kecharians prepared for an exciting day ahead – a visit to Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR)!

At 3.45pm, a chartered bus began its hour and half drive to whisk us away from frantic city life to the serene hills of Chamang, Bentong. The mood was good and spirits were high as Pastor Susan shared some teachings about pujas and got us to play some games during the journey.

All the more importantly, she reminded us to set a good motivation for the visit. We pulled up on schedule at Chamang; and from the entrance, we could see to our right the location of the future prayer hall (Gompa) which will be built overlooking a lake. We then hiked a short trail up to the temporary abode and location of the future Ladrang, where we were joyfully greeted by even more members of the Kechara family.

The 107 Kecharians there, including visitors Yin Xi from China and Metok from USA, represents the largest entourage at KFR to date. What instantly draws one’s attention is the sight of the newly invited Shakyamuni Buddha carved in stone, offered by Rinpoche to KFR. Shakyamuni Buddha sits beneath the mango tree, the all-too-famous tree that shall not be chopped at all costs. Kechara staff and visitors, first-timers alike, bonded while basking in the splendid tranquility of nature. It was indeed heartening to see the place slowly but surely making progress to being a full-fledged retreat since having the groundworks done in April 2012.

Several Kecharians circumambulated the butterlamp house, which houses a beautiful Vajrayogini. Then we stood in line to make candle and flower offerings to Shakyamuni Buddha. After more mingling around, Pastor Susan then gathered all Kecharians around Shakyamuni Buddha to recite a short prayer.

Offering light and praying to Lord Buddha

107 are here on the soil of KFR!

From left: Dato Ruby Khong, Datin Ng Wee Chin and Datuk May Phng

Adeline Woon, Helena Chin and Yen Pin happy to visit to the site of Kechara World Peace Centre

From left: Metok who flew in from America, Liaison Paul Yap and Yinxi from China

Lucas (left) and Sean helping out

Yes, we are having durian here in KFR! David (left) and Jean Ai enjoy their durian

Prayers under the iconic tree led by Pastor Susan Lim, for the success and smooth sailing for the building of KFR

May Ong and her son Nicholas happily offer light to Lord Buddha

Ladrang staff William Chua offers light to Lord Buddha

Many candles and flowers are offered

Lord Buddha under the tree

Khoo, Martin Chow, June Kang and Datuk May Phng of the KFR team pose for a photo with Liaison Su Ming (left) and Rinpoche's Personal Assistant Li Kheng (right)

Happy and blessed to be here

Martin Chow delivers a speech before the movie screening

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