Kechara Forest Retreat is back on track!

1 August 2012 - 3:49pm Comments Off

Dear Kecharians and friends,

I joyfully wish to inform all of you that after a long meeting yesterday, on 31 July, Rinpoche has kindly given us the Blessings for the manifestation of KECHARA FOREST RETREAT. Rinpoche will make an announcement about this in due course. I thank Rinpoche for his blessings and for giving us this tremendous opportunity to benefit many. I also thank Kecharians and friends who have worked hard and contributed towards us obtaining this great privilege. - Datuk May Phng, President, Kechara”

During this meeting, Rinpoche said that his blessings for the manifestation of the Kechara Forest Retreat was due to Datuk May’s sincerity and her perseverance and dedication to ensure that the Kechara Forest Retreat manifests.

Rinpoche emphasised that while the building of the physical Kechara Forest Retreat is going forward, it is vital that we must have more dedicated and committed people to run and maintain the Kechara Forest Retreat well. The Kechara Forest Retreat must be functional and not just empty buildings. It must be an institution that will benefit many.

Rinpoche was not well during this meeting, with high fever and flu but Rinpoche very patiently spent hours with a small group of students to discuss various issues, which culminated in Rinpoche giving his blessings for the manifestation of this meritorious project.

We thank Rinpoche for Rinpoche’s blessings and wish Rinpoche a speedy recovery.

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