Dukkar Arrives at KFR!

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18 August 2013 was an auspicious day when the holy 1000-armed Dukkar herself arrived at Dukkar Apts. Dukkar in her full form is one of the most complex deities in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. Also known as Sitatapatra in Sanskrit, Dukkar is white in colour and her full form has 1000 faces, 1000 hands and 1000 legs.

Dukkar grants powerful protection from over 60 classes of spirits if we recite her mantra. It is said that prayer to Dukkar fortifies our body so strongly that spirits literally cannot enter into our body. Dukkar is very healing and helps to strengthen the body against physical problems. Dukkar’s practice is very effective for purifying the karma of being wrongly accused such as in arguments or legal cases. She is beneficial for those who travel often and who are exposed to risks and dangers daily. Heavily invoked in Gaden, Sera and Drepung Monasteries, Dukkar is perfect for Dukkar Apts, as named by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche.

This beautiful 8’ statue of Dukkar was commissioned and organized by one of Rinpoche’s close students, JJ Chong. He had worked very hard to make sure that everything was in order from production until its delivery to Dukkar Apts.

Upon the arrival of this holy statue, the residents of Dukkar Apts made offerings and did their very first prayers together to invoke the blessings of this powerful deity. May Dukkar’s powerful protective and healing energy be pervasive throughout KFR and the surrounding areas!

The arrival of the 1000-armed Dukkar at Kechara Forest Retreat.

Unpacking 1000-armed Dukkar

Preparing offerings

The Dukkar residents doing their very first Puja

Dukkar with offerings

Beautiful 1000-armed Dukkar

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