Cleaning, weeding and pruning…rain or shine

22 February 2013 - 5:11pm Comments Off

This week, several volunteers came to KFR to work outdoors – clearing rubbish and debris in the various areas around KFR, while construction is being finished at the Enchanted Forest.

Volunteers also participated in green works, such as weeding and pruning. It is a wonderful opportunity to work outside in fresh air and everyone worked hard, come rain or shine! Check out more pictures on our KFR Photo Updates section!

Phil Yong dismantling a fence at Medicine Buddha Hill so that Telekom Malaysia can dig trenches and lay cables.

Andrew Boon, Khong Jean Ai and Martin disposing of debris at the bonfire.

Volunteers working undaunted by the rain!

Sarah Yap finds a big piece of wood to dispose of!

David Lai clearing rubbish from the side of the Meditation Path

Pastor Lanse Chiah and Jamie “Paris” Khoo picking up construction debris.

Julia Tan, one of the Green Girls, pruning the plants at KFR

Levi Tumanguil, Abby Foo and Joy Kam busily weeding away on the side of Ladrang Hill.

Sweetcorn thriving at our organic farm!

Meditation Path around the Medicine Buddha Hill, going into the forest….

Drainage is important at KFR, especially during the rainy/monsoon season. This is one of the large drains leading down from Ladrang Hill.

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