Blessing the Entrance Road to KFR

26 November 2012 - 3:37pm Comments Off

As advised by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, a small group of liaisons, the Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR) team and all the Kechara pastors gathered at KFR to bless the main road leading into the land. It was raining and we were just wondering how we were going to do the prayers when suddenly the rain stopped.

While large bulldozers and steamrollers thundered past us on the main road, we recited the sangsol, an incense offering prayer. This prayer is to request our Dharma Protector to clear obstacles, pacify any negative interference and increase all conducive conditions for the swift fulfillment of our wishes. JP Thong led the prayer while Khong Jean Ai gently swung the incense burner, from which aromatic smoke drifted around the area.

After we finished reciting, KFR team member Khoo and Ladrang staff Moh Mei helped to dig a hole in the middle of the main road, and JP carefully placed a blessed ruel in it. A ruel, pronounced as ‘roo’, is specially prepared and consecrated by qualified monks from Gaden Monastery, and brings highly blessed and protective energies to any area it is placed within.

We covered the hole and made our personal wishes for the successful manifestation of KFR. JP then distributed protector rice to all of us to sprinkle along the main road in our land. We walked up and down the road, quietly reciting mantras as we scattered the rice. We were blessing the road today because the next day, the contractors are laying concrete on the main road. By placing blessed items in the road, the enlightened energies of the Buddhas would bless the entrance to KFR and ensure that the blessings pervade for perpetuity.

Khong Jean Ai and Chuah Su Ming get the incense burning.

A steamroller flattening the road to prepare for the concrete the next day.

JP Thong talking with Datuk May Phng about progress at KFR.

JP showing the Ruel which was to be wrapped in foil and buried in the entrance road.

JP showing the Ruel which was to be wrapped in foil and buried in the entrance road.

Jean Ai swings the incense holder while Khoo digs the hole for the Ruel.

Here's the Ruel in the hole in the ground!

The Ruel is buried in the ground!

Moh Mei helps to cover the Ruel.

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