Animal Tales at KFR

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It all started when our Guru, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, was living in the temporary cabins at Kechara Forest Retreat. Rinpoche would ask us to feed the dogs hanging around our living area.

As time went by, these dogs started to live nearby because they knew they would not go hungry. For many years now, Rinpoche always carried dog food in his car and whenever he came across any stray dogs, he would stop to feed them. Sometimes he would give instructions to his students to look for dogs he saw along the roads and make sure we brought them food.

Through Rinpoche’s example, he gave many of his students the opportunity to practice compassion towards animals. KFR caretaker Azai and his wife Chu Chu are also animal lovers. Since working in KFR, they have adopted the stray dogs and cats around the area and these animals eventually became their pets. Currently they have 4 dogs, 5 puppies and a kitten. At the temporary cabin area, we currently have 7 dogs and 4 puppies.

Dechen and Meta are two dogs rescued from the street near Kechara Gompa in Sunwaymas, KL by one of Rinpoche’s students, Khoo. When Khoo moved to KFR, he brought the dogs with him to stay there.

We used to see Bruno hanging around the main gate to KFR. He was skinny with multiple lacerations on his body and had what looked like very bad skin problems. Khoo and Pastor Susan would bring food out to him. Slowly he started coming into the cabin area but would be chased away by the other dogs. Khoo would try to catch him and bring him inside the gated cabin area so that we could feed him properly but he would always run off again.

We kept doing that and after a few weeks, finally Bruno felt comfortable enough with us to come back by himself. He is a very gentle dog with a very good temperament. One of KFR volunteers, Wai Fun, had noticed that Bruno had a large patch of red itchy skin near his neck. She immediately took Bruno back to KL with her and took him to the vet. Bruno was treated for sporal fungal infection and was also spayed. About two months ago, we had a couple of female dogs which gave birth two months ago and four puppies survived.

Our volunteer vet and Kechara member, Dr Hank, has been to KFR twice to vaccinate the puppies and all the dogs we managed to catch. These are wild stray dogs which do not take kindly to being held down. Khoo was even bitten by one of the dogs while helping to vaccinate the dogs but this is just a small matter to him, all part and parcel of looking after stray dogs. Lulu, Azai’s two month old kitten, is the only feline among the canines in KFR.

Lulu was found abandoned and alone underneath one of the container cabins when we heard cries from her one day. She was so small at the time we feared she would not survive. Now she has grown into a chubby and mischievous kitten. We had three other abandoned week old baby kittens before which someone brought to KFR but unfortunately none of them survived. The closest vet to KFR is in KL which is about 90 mins away.

KFR staff and volunteers would drive the distance whenever there is any need or emergency to take any of the animals for treatment. Right now all the rescued cats and dogs are being fed and cared for by KFR staff and caretaker. We also rely on the kindness and generosity of some KFR volunteers who buy us dog and cat food sometimes and help care for the animals like bringing them to the vet, bathing them and arranging for on site vaccination.

One of the stray dogs following Khoo on his rounds at KFR.

KFR puppies!

Dr Hank preparing to vaccinate the dogs.

Dechen and Metta.

Injured Blackie was taken to the vet in KL.

Pastor Susan giving Bruno some love.

Pastor Susan bathing a puppy.

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