A beautiful letter and short video of KFR from Kevin

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The Kechara Forest Retreat is a place created to give anyone who steps in peace of mind and a sense of happiness. One of our visitors, Kevin, wrote a letter to express his feelings and even produced a short video clip of his trip to KFR.

Below is Kevin’s letter and video to share with you.

Dear Ms. Phng,

The trip to the Kechara Forest Retreat has indeed been a fun and memorable one, which all of us enjoyed. Although you couldn’t be with us, Pastor Moh Mei showed us around and we had a great time with her!

KFR is a relaxing place with breathtaking views and we really liked the weather there. It’s sunny, but cool at the same time. We first visited the Wisdom Hall and got to know about some interesting Tibetan culture. The eight offerings, the meaning of water bowls in front of the Shakyamuni statue, and we even experienced first hand, the culture of offering a khata at the altar as a greeting and blessing.

Two things that amazed me in the temple: First, the 12- foot Shakyamuni statue, being sponsored by two Indians. I saw true unity in spirituality despite differences in ethnicity and religion. Secondly, the architecture of the Wisdom Hall. When I heard that the building’s glass panels were taken from an old shopping mall, I was truly amazed at the concept of this green building. It turned scrap into gold.

We then went on to visit The Aviary, and were welcomed by friendly and adorable birds that said “Hello” and “你好吗?” as we walked in. Hearing that the aviary was built after a survey of the Jurong bird park, we were astonished by its design that caters to all of the preferences of the birds themselves. We are also happy to see that these “used-to-be lonely” birds finally found themselves a home in this aviary.

Then we visited the fresh produce and herb gardens, where we met Julia and Max, who are all very friendly people whom we enjoyed talking to. In the herb garden, we even tasted the leaves of a plant called “Stevia”. It was not surprising to us that it is used as a natural sweetener, because the leaves taste exceptionally sweet, eaten raw.

Planting a tree by ourselves was a remarkable experience, and the feeling is almost as if I got myself my first pet. I would wish to watch it grow and I believe it will be a happy thing to do but sadly I couldn’t. Maybe in the future when we have a chance to revisit KFR. Julia said planting a tree is to leave a legacy behind on this Earth, and I believe that this is where our happiness comes from: to have known that a small step has been taken to leave behind a legacy on this Earth. And thank you for the tree tag you’ll be preparing for us!

Lastly we visited the Dukkar Apartments, another amazing architecture. The concept of building a house with shipping containers is creative and beautiful. We liked the interior design a lot too. And I am truly inspired by Tsem Rinpoche’s quote: “Don’t wait for the light, be the light.

The thing I like most about KFR is how it integrates modern architecture, spirituality and most importantly Mother Nature in its most natural state together in a beautiful place. I would really like to pay another visit to KFR if I have a chance to do so in the future. Once again, thank you for inviting us to this wonderful place, we really had some great times there and the experience is precious and valuable. Also, I made a short video of our trip to KFR and am excited to share it with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_oHDg24eZ0

Have a nice day.

Warmest Regards,

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