23 guests to KFR from across the Causeway!

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When H.E. Tsem Rinpoche conceptualized the Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR), it was to be a learning and healing centre for all people from around the world. And indeed, news of KFR’s magic is already spreading regionally.

On Saturday 2 March, a group of 23 guests from Singapore arrived in the small town of Chamang, Bentong with no other purpose than to visit the Dharmic mission of a high lama unfold. Having heard wonderful things about KFR from their friend, Dato’ Eric Tan, they had come to see KFR for themselves.

On arrival the guests were treated to Kecharian hospitality and with light refreshments served, Phng Li Kheng from Tsem Ladrang welcomed them and gave them an introduction to H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, Rinpoche’s Blog and also shared Rinpoche’s vision for KFR as part of a greater Kechara mission – the Kechara World Peace Centre. Soon the guests toured the cabin area which has over time evolved into a de-facto gallery where a mini-biography of Rinpoche is featured.

As is the Tibetan custom, the guests were given an opportunity to offer khatas to Rinpoche’s throne, which was followed by a presentation and video on KFR by Liaison JP Thong. The group then proceeded to offer candles at the now famous Shakyamuni and Vajrayogini butterlamp house and was given a tour of the Enchanted Forest and Manjushri Hill where the KFR dream is manifesting.

There were a few visitors who were long-time supporters of Fo Guang San, which is one of the biggest Mahayana Buddhist organizations in the world. They said that KFR had a very strong positive energy. They also said that the feeling they had at KFR was reminiscent of Fo Guang San when it first started and they believed that KFR will be a highly beneficial place, like Fo Guang San is today.

The enthusiasm was palpable and another guest, 27-year-old Sylvester, who really likes Setrap, requested to be considered for the first group of students to learn meditation in KFR. There was even a Christian couple in the group who liked very much what we were doing!

And that reaffirms that KFR is to be a centre for universal spirituality without boundaries. On the whole, the group was very appreciative of the tour given, and we also received compliments regarding the dynamics of the team and how well organized the tour was.

The KFR team and Kecharians who hosted the Singaporean guests were pleased that the guests enjoyed the tour and that they said they would be back! We look forward to seeing them again!

23 guests at the cabin area appreciating the short introduction to Rinpoche’s biography.

Li Kheng showing our guests a typical cabin where volunteers sleep. Li Kheng proceeded to share Rinpoche's blog. She explained that social media is the way to spread Rinpoche's teachings to the world. She also invited them to visit the blog when they get back to Singapore.

Our guests being given an introduction to KFR by Liaison JP Thong at the cabin area

Dato' Eric leading the group to offer a khata to Rinpoche's throne at KFR

Visitors to KFR queueing up to offer candles at our butterlamp house. It was Rinpoche who personally invited the Buddha statues and images of lineage lamas into this butterlamp house. How auspicious!

Li Kheng briefing some of the visitors about the organic farm, on the way up to Manjushri hill

The group at the top of Manjushri hill where their tour concluded.

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