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There’s much more in store at the Kechara Forest Retreat. Phase 2 of this landmark project is now underway, and includes the Medicine Buddha Hill, Tara Walk, Vajrayogini Stupa and Eco Village projects.

1) Medicine Buddha Hill

Medicine Buddha (artist impression)

Situated on a natural hilltop within the Kechara Forest Retreat, Medicine Buddha Hill will be an international healing sanctuary – the first of its kind in the region. Featuring a 15-ft statue of the Medicine Buddha as the focal point of healing energies, this project will bless our minds, the surrounding environment and all living beings.

The Medicine Buddha is revered by all who seek outer as well as inner healing. Outer healing refers to the healing of one’s physical ailments, while inner healing refers to the healing and transformation of one’s mind – a necessity to create a conscious global community.

Medicine Buddha Hill Master Plan

Visitors are welcome to experience the tranquility, calm, and healing that is bestowed by the Medicine Buddha.

Planned highlights/facilities:

  • 15-ft. statue of Medicine Buddha, the Buddha of Healing
  • Healing Center offering TCM and alternative therapies
  • Main pavilion
  • Meditation and prayer spaces
  • Retreat pavilions for long term retreatants
  • Walking and circumambulation paths
  • Retirement homes
  • Camping platforms
  • Water feature and reservoir
  • Prayer wheel walk

2) Eco Village

Eco Village Water Chalets

Poised on the edge of an artifical lake, the Eco Village is an environmental-friendly residential hub located within the Kechara Forest Retreat. Featuring 56 water chalets and accommodating up to 150 guests, visitors are assured of a restful stay within this natural haven of peaceful tranquility. The Eco Village is also a living experiment, encouraging mindfulness for the earth’s natural resources in residents and visitors. Conservation and preservation practices are highly encouraged to help Mother Nature regain her rightful balance.

Eco Village aerial view (artist impression)

Eco Village lake view (artist impression)

Planned highlights/facilities:

  • 56 water chalets, accommodating 150 guests at maximum occupancy
  • Self-catering kitchen
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Ample parking space
  • Landscaped gardens

3) Vajrayogini Stupa

Vajrayogini Stupa (artist impression)

A stupa is the most sacred monument in the Buddhist world, symbolising the fully Enlightened mind and the path to Enlightenment. The 15-ft. traditional Vajrayogini stupa in the Kechara Forest Retreat will be filled with billions of sacred Vajrayogini images, scriptures, mantras and holy items, constructed by Himalayan artisans, and consecrated with authentic rituals and prayers by senior Tibetan lamas from Gaden Monastery.

Planned highlights/facilities:

  • Authentic traditional Tibetan stupa
  • Holy Vajrayogini statue
  • Walking and circumambulation paths

4) Tara Walk

Tara Walk (artist impression)

A meditation path set amidst shady trees along the natural terrain of the forest, the Tara Walk will provide a conducive and safe environment for the practice of walking meditation. Statues of the 21 forms of Tara, each with their own function and form, will be featured at regular intervals where meditators may make prayers and offerings. Traditional Tibetan prayer wheels will also be placed along the walking path.

21 Taras (artist impression)

Planned highlights/facilities:

  • Walking meditation path
  • Statues of the 21 Taras
  • Prayer wheel walk

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