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Creating Conscious Communities

Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Concept.

In the heart of Bentong, Pahang is a 35-acre retreat centre like no other in this region. Set in the midst of lush tropical forest is the Kechara Forest Retreat, a place designed to develop a perfect balance of total wellness – body, mind and spirit. Offering comfortable accommodation, extensive facilities and the promise of peace and tranquility, this is the perfect destination for the spiritual at heart.

Conceptualised by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche as the heart of the Kechara organisation, our mission is to have those who walk through our gates experience a sustainable spiritual lifestyle that will leave mind and body rejuvenated and inspired. We offer wholesome activities to help families and friends bond meaningfully, the weary find inner peace and the perfect getaway to find oneself and inspiration.

We believe in giving back to society through educational programmes for the young and old, instilling universal positive values such as patience, tolerance, mindfulness and compassion. It is our fondest wish that all who walk through our doors return home inspired, sharing what they have learnt within their own communities, thus creating a global revolution of consciousness and kindness.

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Experience a sustainable spiritual lifestyle within a conscious community.

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