Amazing Miracles

The Miracles of Tsem Rinpoche II

Friday, 20/7/2012 - 8:00am

Around February 2010, Fat Monk’s mother was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the liver, when the doctor detected it, [...]

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The Miracles of Tsem Rinpoche I

Friday, 13/7/2012 - 8:09am

When Rinpoche uses dice to do divination in front of people, it is just to show humility, Rinpoche does not [...]

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Lord Setrap Dispels Evil Snake Spirit!!!

Thursday, 3/5/2012 - 6:50pm

This true story is about a boy and a snake spirit. This is a classic story of how Lord Setrap [...]

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Sentenced for 72 years, came out in 2 months…

Thursday, 3/5/2012 - 6:43pm

This is a true story that happened to me…I was born in a farmer’s family in a village in Batu [...]

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Setrap vs Maoshan Magic!

Monday, 30/4/2012 - 11:14pm

Since young until now, Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and Protector Setrap have had a long and wonderful connection. Even Setrap thangka [...]

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Mama, I can speak now!

Monday, 13/6/2011 - 3:09pm

For the entirety of his nine years of life, Jie had never once spoken or expressed himself verbally, and no [...]

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Setrap saved my son

Saturday, 4/6/2011 - 12:11am

Lim Boon Chai, 41 years old, never expected himself to have a son especially at his age. However, the part [...]

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Curing Cleopatra

Tuesday, 17/8/2010 - 11:29pm

Margaret is a 3rd stage breast cancer survivor, although outwardly you would never have guessed. At 67 years old today, [...]

Avoiding Accidents Through Buddha’s Blessing

Tuesday, 8/6/2010 - 12:26pm

I was in a field trip on 20th April to Wollongong, Port Kembla; a place where transport ships from Malaysia, [...]

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Betsy Benefits with Dzambala

Wednesday, 5/5/2010 - 11:54am

I would like to share my experience after I joined Dzambala Retreat on April 2010; hope this will give benefit [...]

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