Kechara Soup Kitchen November 2019 stories

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KSK November 2019 stories

Story 1

Death is part and parcel of life and here at Kechara Soup Kitchen, we are no stranger to deaths and sometimes, when we receive news of the death of our clients, we are compelled to do something. Mr Low was our client who passed on after being admitted to the hospital. As Mr Low had no immediate family members, we worked closely with the hospital and police department to claim his remains and give him a decent burial.

We hope that Mr Low will take a good rebirth.

Kechara Soup Kitchen worked with the hospital and police department to give Mr Low a proper burial as he had no immediate family.

Story 2

On November 2 2019, we had an eventful Saturday. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were down to our bare minimum crew as there were a few last-minute no-shows. Thankfully, we had a group of volunteers who answered our SOS call for volunteers to help out with our food distribution. Without them, for sure, we would not have been able to complete our food distribution that night.

Thanks to this selfless group of volunteers, who were made up of people from diverse backgrounds, our street friends did not go to sleep that night with gnawing hunger. Our street friends were so glad to see them that they insisted on taking photos together. It’s heartwarming to see this as our clients are appreciative of our efforts and know that they can depend on us to deliver food consistently. On that same night, Danial, who was team Chow Kit’s lead, called for medical assistance to treat one of our elderly clients whose leg had turned gangrenous. KSK not only feeds the homeless but also provides basic medical treatments for our street friends.

Our street friends were so glad to see our volunteers during our usual Saturday night food distribution.

The homeless sometimes just need some form of human interaction as they are largely neglected by everyday people.

Thank you to those who turned up for our food distribution at the very last minute.


Story 3

Knowing that someone has no food and hungry is sad. And more so if it involves young innocent children. We have many underprivileged children around Malaysia who are in the care of various children’s homes or shelters. With the generosity of kind individuals, bakeries and hypermarkets, we are able to channel surplus baked goods to these children.

We thank our wonderful sponsors for their kindness and volunteers who collect these surplus bread to be redistributed to various children’s homes.

So glad that we have surplus bread from our partners to be distributed to these needy children.

Nothing like seeing their happy faces when they received the baked goods.

Story 4

One of our contacts, Jean, informed us of a homeless, Mohd Faizul, living near a train station for some months now. Faizul left home due to issues with his in-laws. After arriving in the city, he managed to find a job but unfortunately, he contracted Tuberculosis at his workplace. In May, he was going for Pulmonary Tuberculosis treatment at Jeram Hospital. However, he did not show up for his follow up appointment and has since run out of medication. As a result, he began experiencing the effects of the disease.

Given his situation, our team decided that it’s best for him to get medical treatment as soon as possible. We brought him to Dr Ming, one of our regular volunteer doctors. The good doctor examined him and prescribed some medications. She then wrote a referral letter to Pusat Transit Gelandangan verifying that his condition is stable after she received relevant details from Jeram Hospital. This is to ensure that he can be admitted to the shelter to get proper rest during his recovery. Dr Ming also wrote another referral letter for him to continue his treatment with IPR.

Thank you, Dr Ming, Yen Bee and Yin Hoong for your timely help. We hope that Faizul will have a speedy recovery!

Our team speaking to Faizul who is suffering from Tuberculosis.

Dr Ming examining Faizul.

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