Kechara Soup Kitchen August 2019 stories

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KSK August 2019 stories

Story 1

“Find a need and fill it.” – Ruth Stafford Peale

Everyday, we extend food surplus to verified needy families directly to their homes. Each of them will receive their allocated portion according to the size of their respective household so that they can save some money from buying these items and channel the funds towards their children’s education related expenses or squirrelled into their emergency fund.

We need all the help and muscle power we can gather to extend assistance to the urban poor. The food needs to be collected from sponsors and partner supermarkets. They need to be transported to the distribution venue. Besides, the rescued food have to be weighed beforehand so that we can ensure equal distribution to all our registered clients according to the size of their household. We let them choose what they like to minimise the chance of them wasting their food.

Join us and be a part of our volunteer group! Spend your time towards more meaningful activities. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much time. There’s always a time for something and this is something meaningful and worthwhile. The various activities can be found here:

You can also be an armchair warrior by sharing the news around so that we can reach more people and get the help we need to help facilitate collection and distribution. It will mean a lot to us if you can help share it out to your friends who might be interested to help in their free time. Thanks for helping!

Your help is needed to improve the living of underprivileged community.


Story 2

It can be intimidating when it’s your first day on the job. It is even scarier when it is something that you have no idea about and in a world that you have no contact with previously.

So, to facilitate the orientation process and to ensure that volunteers know how to handle simple situations, they are briefed before each outing.

Towards this end, Floor Manager for Anjung Singgah team Alen Chan gave safety orientation for the night’’s new volunteers who would be posted to Anjung Singgah and Pusat Gelandangan Medan Tunku to provide basic assistance to our clients on the streets. Briefing is given before the food distribution to

1. Ensure the smooth flow of the event

2. Ensure the safety of the volunteers.

3. Acknowledge the sponsors.

4. Rooster distribution.

5. Introduce the purpose of the program.

It’s vital for the volunteers especially the newbies to know what to do, especially in times of emergency. We are grateful to have a bunch of amazing regular volunteers who show consistently, regardless. They participate proactively. They serve selflessly. They guide the newbies and set an example for them. Fine examples of the new age youth.

And,not forgetting our sponsors who call up passionately, donate generously and deliver it happily.

Thank you and welcome to all of you who are here for the first time. If you haven’t already volunteered with us before this, you can find out more details here:

We hope to see all of you again! #volunteer with us today! 0103333260.


Story 3

10th Aug, Saturday night at Medan Tuanku distribution centre, long weekend, public holiday. A time when most people are away on holiday of visiting families – balik kampung! Thankful to the team for showing up despite a long weekend. We had a minor scare too as there was a group which did not turn up despite registering for their duty but glad that we had made the necessary adjustments so that the show could go on. Doctors for the night were Dr Hui Ying Ming and Dr Farah Bellina. There were a considerable lower turnout of clients but nevertheless it was a wonderful night out.

9th August, Friday night, the start of a long weekend, down in the south of Malaysia, Johor Bahru,Thank you to our fantastic volunteers for delivering food to over 100 clients at KTM Johor Bahru on the eve of Hari Raya Haji. A very good deed to do on this meaningful celebration.You have no idea how your time and effort can help the entire community as a whole. Two thumbs up for all volunteers and kind sponsors.

Same scenario for Penang; Volunteer turnout was good; Not only did the team distribute food for the night, they also distributed towels to our street friends around Georgetown as well.

In Taiping, during this festive weekend, volunteers collected and distributed to the B40 regardless of rain or shine. Thank you to everyone for your diligence and commitment in helping others. We would like to thank our sponsors in Taiping, too, for without you, we have nothing to give. Your generosity eased the hardship of these families. May all of you sponsors and volunteers alike, be blessed with good health and abundance. Together we serve the community!

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