Simon & Suzan: Wedding Blessings & Lunch Reception!

23 December 2009 - 8:20pm Comments Off
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Here comes the bride! (and groom!)

Simon and Suzan rising to greet Rinpoche

As Rinpoche gives a special talk on marriage and relationships, the bride and groom listen intently... do the rest of the audience

The bride and groom rise to receiving blessings

The bride and groom recite their wedding vows to one another

I will be faithful towards you

I will support you in all difficulties

I will improve on my weak points for you

I will defend you

I will respect your beliefs

I will share what I have with you

I make this promise to you

Please be my wife / husband

Left: Simon slips the wedding ring onto Suzan's finger Right: Suzan slips the wedding ring onto Simon's finger

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