Wedding in the park

26 September 2010 - 3:31am Comments Off

Ever wanted your fairytale wedding, with all of the luxury but without the hefty price tag? Kechara Oasis made it happen for one very happy couple, by organising an outdoor banquet in Taman Rimba Kiara.

It might have been Kechara Oasis’s first outdoor banquet, but it did not show. With Jeffrey Gan coordinating the event, and Chef Au’s experience in banqueting, there was never any doubt that the Kechara Oasis team would be able to cater for the 70 tables of guests, including the blissful newlyweds. Even heavy rains in the afternoon did not dampen the mood; in fact, the resulting cooler weather ensured no mosquitoes for the rest of the night!

This certainly will not be the last outdoor banquet that Kechara Oasis will hold, so the dinners will only get better as our staff work hard to make your most memorable day a special one!

The bride and groom arrived in style...

...and the guests were received in style!

Love was in the air, and the bridal table was a clear reflection of this
There was plenty of space under the canopies for 70 tables
A great band entertained the wedding party all night long
To serve the guests were 40 waiting staff
In such a romantic setting, how could everyone not rejoice for the newlyweds?
The guests stayed on through the night
The kitchen crew worked hard to turn out beautiful plates of food…
…which was all ready to be served!

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