Veg Pledge – Commitment Fulfilled!

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Still thinking about becoming vegetarian, even after knowing about all the suffering that animals go through, just to get that meat onto your table?

Let us give you some encouragement!

Join this list of compassionate people, and pledge you’re veg today!

Start Date Commitment
Steve Parisian Already FT Will give up eggs and dairy on the new moon of each month
John Colquhoun 17/10/2009 One month
Helen Persson 17/10/2009 Forever
Josh Akers 17/10/2009 Originally once a week; increased to twice since 25/11/2009; increased to three times a week since 20/12/2009
SavingOurTrees Already FT n/a
LaraBobs Already FT No mention
Greg Sandoval Already FT No mention
Miaoow 17/10/2009 No mention
Louinga 17/10/2009 No mention
Shirley Maya Tan 11/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Kheng Hoi 14/10/2009 As long as possible
Tamara Kalocsai 18/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
elm279 18/10/2009 No mention
Grecu Laurentiu 17/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Ailen Kho 17/10/2009 100 days – on Day 60
Ekaterina Panova 17/10/2009 Four years so far
Lu Gaither 17/10/2009 Lifetime pledge starting February 2009
Ccasper27 17/10/2009 No mention
Jan 17/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Jan Yong 17/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Jan Yong’s children 17/10/2009 One day a month
Joseph Faria 17/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Emma Moran 17/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Roland Yap 22/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Kevin Fisler 22/10/2009 Until Thanksgiving
Daniel Swales 22/10/2009 Lifetime pledge – 15 months so far
Alex Tan Since Oct 2008 Lifetime pledge
Dino Goh 23/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Jeffrey Gan 24/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Khong Jean Mei 24/10/2009 One week
Pat Ng 24/10/2009 100 days
Grace Yeo 24/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Lili Ng 24/10/2009 One year until Rinpoche’s next birthday
Ai Chin Khor 25/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Ng Yew Seng 27/10/2009 5 days a week
Betsy Ciaputra 27/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Celine Ciaputra 27/10/2009 One day a month
Chef Au 27/10/2009 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar
GG Wan (Chef’s wife) 27/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Rob Vermeulen 27/10/2009 Lifetime pledge (except for six times a year)
Ashlee Tam 27/10/2009 Three times a week
Rachel Tan (Ashlee’s daughter) 27/10/2009 Three times a week
Xander Tan (Ashlee’s son) 27/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Grace Tan Siaw Ling 28/10/2009 One week per month
Koh Ea Boon 28/10/2009 One day per week
Koay Guat Eng 28/10/2009 One day per week
Dr. Lanse Chiah 28/10/2009 95% vegetarian (max one non-veg meal per week)
Zhang Linglin 29/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Fang Meizhu 29/10/2009 Lifetime pledge
Lin Lee 30/10/2009 Once a week
Roland Lee 30/10/2009 Once a week
Sarah Yap 01/11/2009 Once a week
Lucy Yap 01/11/2009 Once a week
Cheah Yee Ling 01/11/2009 Once a week
William D. Weeks Jr. 01/11/2009 Once a week
Nicholas Lee Kong Tze 01/11/2009 Once a week
Aaron Lee Kong Tzung 01/11/2009 Once a week
Lawrence Wong Cheuk Man 08/11/2009 Lifetime pledge
Fanny Yim Tzi Kwan 08/11/2009 Lifetime pledge
Liang Chon Kong 08/11/2009 One day a week for three months (until Jan 2010)
Michele Marie 24/10/2009 One day until Rinpoche’s next birthday
Martin Valencia Since 2006 Lifetime pledge
Brian Tee 27/10/2009 One year

As promised, Rinpoche will make candle offerings for every person who sends their vegetarian commitments to him. He will also include them in his daily sadhana…and that’s no mean feat! Rinpoche’s sadhana runs into many hours each day, so devoted is he to keeping his vows and commitments so that they may be passed on to others in the future.

Imagine – a high reincarnate lama making direct offerings for YOU!

Here are some pictures from the first set of offerings…we hope you’ll join us in rejoicing for this group of people who have chosen to put the suffering of others before their own enjoyment!

Rinpoche in intense prayer for those who have committed to vegetarianism

At the ladrang, close students light the candles after they have been blessed by Rinpoche

At the ladrang, close students light the candles after they have been blessed by Rinpoche

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