Vajrayogini Around Nepal

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Our friend Mitra, hoping to get a free copy!

When it comes to promoting and spreading Dharma, there’s no such thing as too much promotion!

Liaison Chuah Su Ming and Apprentice Liaison David Lai have been working hard to spread the word about Kechara in Nepal, and here’s proof! Willing to do anything for the Dharma, Su Ming and David have used every single opportunity presented to them to talk non-stop about Kechara Media & Publications books. The result? People are buying the books wherever Su Ming and David have gone…they may be small, but they’re mightily persuasive!

David ( left) with Daniel from New York

Daniel from New York bought a copy of Vajrayogini and Other Power Places in Nepal.
He is currently in Nepal teaching English and has previously visited
Patsy Gooi in Kechara Paradise Penang
(which is how he found out about Kechara Lounge!)

David, a visitor and guest of the Pilgrims Book Store family, also bought a Vajrayogini book.

David is in the process of
applying for an Indian working visa, to film a documentary of Varanasi

Mr Lala of Pilgrims with his Vajrayogini book



Pasang, a Tibetan man who sells beautiful malas in Boudha bought a copy!


This couple (the man is Malaysian) bought a Vajrayogini book at Flavours Cafe through Su Ming


Raju of Speedway, and two friends, bought a copy of Vajrayogini, Call Me Paris and There's No Way But Up...each!


Mrs Nand (aka Mrs Pilgrims) with a Vajrayogini book


The Sangku Development Committee with their Bajracharya lay priest (leftmost with the blue jacket) and a copy of the Vajrayogini book!


Suresh of Third Eye in Boudha bought our Vajrayogini book as well


The Vajrayogini book has been placed in prominent locations around Kathmandu, including Flavour's Cafe in Boudha and...


...the Reception Desk of the Kathmandu Guest House in Thamel


Our friends in Nepal have also helped us to install buntings in prominent locations like the Kathmandu Guest House and... the entrance of our Kechara Lounge at Boudha!


One of our biggest supporters in Nepal, Pilgrims Book House, have placed Call Me Paris and There's No Way But Up on their New Arrivals Shelf, displayed at eye level


We have also been able to erect a Vajrayogini bunting by the entrance of their busy bookstore, situated on the main street of Thamel


A table has been set up directly opposite the main entrance, for us to display copies of Vajrayogini and Other Power Places in Nepal, Call Me Paris and There's No Way But Up


Kechara Media Publications - window display

Kechara Media & Publications dominate the window display with their
Vajrayogini and Other Power Places in Nepal
book displayed alongside
a simple thangka of the Queen of Dakinis herself. Meanwhile, the shelf above
has copies of Call Me Paris and There’s No Way But Up

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