Pilgrimage to Bodhgaya

6 December 2012 - 4:43am Comments Off

Kechara pilgrims recently made a pilgrimage to Bodhgaya, India, paying homage to holy Buddha images, and visiting ancient shrines. The 7-day pilgrimage, organised by Kechara Discovery, had been the talk of Kecharians for weeks, as it promises a fulfilling journey to the holy land of Buddhism. His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche has always encouraged all practitioners to visit these sites to receive blessings as these areas are highly energized.

Upon arrival in Bodhgaya, the pilgrims were greeted by colorful prayer flags. The first stop on the itinerary was the Dungeswari Cave – the site where Lord Buddha had meditated for six years before he realized the middle path. The opportunity to chant alongside Thai and Vietnamese monks was a very auspicious way to start the trip.

Throughout the week, pilgrims visited the ruins of the ancient university of Nalanda and various monasteries. They also circumambulated the Dhamekha Stupa. It was a massive structure adorned with delicate floral carvings. Making offerings and seeking blessings were daily routines along the way.

The highlight of the trip was definitely the Mahabodhi temple – site of the Bodhi tree. Standing under the Bodhi tree evoked the many Dharma teachings Rinpoche has shared about Lord Buddha’s life. It was a sight to behold and to contemplate on Dharma.

A trip is never complete without shopping excursions! Pilgrims visited bustling cities nearby and shopped for spiritual “accessories”. The mala beads and colorful textiles were truly distinct and authentic. On the last day of the trip, the pilgrims had a boat ride in the ancient Ganges River. Picturesque moments were abundant!

Arriving back in Kechara, the pilgrims were visibly exhausted. Despite that, they exuded an air of calm and satisfaction. To travel to holy sites with the companionship of fellow Kechara pilgrims is a definite highlight in their spiritual path.

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