Sweet surprises for the e-Division

26 June 2010 - 10:09am 1 Comment

It may have been nearly two weeks since the e-Division moved into our new office, but it hasn’t stopped volunteers from coming over to help spruce up the place, or decorate it. Two of these volunteers, Shirley Maya Tan and Andrew Boon, recently came to lend their creative energies to the office. Andrew even brought with him delicious cupcakes to feed us!

After a whole afternoon of work, they finally unveiled their creations. Turns out, the e-Division has been given new feline companions…scroll down to take a look for yourself! Thank you Shirley and Andrew, for your generosity, kindness and enthusiasm in supporting the e-Division!

Chocolate with chocolate ganache


Chilli and chocolate!

In Cynthia Lee's room, her new day bed already has an occupant...a vinyl cat!

Andrew and Shirley consider the layout of the special surprise they had for us...

...a deconstructed grandfather's clock!

Next time you come to visit the e-Division, see if you can count how many cats we have...!

One Response to Sweet surprises for the e-Division

  1. Testing comments… Good job guys. I like that clock and also the gourmet cupcakes…