Sustainable technology

5 July 2010 - 6:01am 3 Comments

Pioneering a move towards sustainable living is a member of the e-Division, Wan Wai Meng, who recently began a recycling initiative in Ipoh where he helps to facilitate the study group. Wai Meng has brought the idea down to Kechara House proper and, even closer to home, to the e-Division where he has set up recycling bins – one for paper, one for plastics, and another for aluminum and metals.

If Dharma is all about benefiting others, and not harming them, then recycling is a perfect fit for that kind of living philosophy. As we live more sustainably, we save mother earth from the traumas of landfill sites, polluted waters and animals dying from waste produced by human consumerism.

So remember to reduce, reuse and recycle! We’ve only got one earth and if we’re lucky enough to reincarnate back here (as human or otherwise!), then let’s make sure we come back to a nice place!

3 Responses to Sustainable technology

  1. Good job Wai Meng. I tried to get recycling going at one of my old jobs about 6 years ago and they looked at me like I was crazy, or trying to be a suck-up by introducing new ideas while still being on the lowest pay-grade!

  2. Hey Wai Meng,

    There is a 4th “R” – Recover / Recovery! Let’s embrace this as well!

    Do let’s start educating everyone about this 4th “R” and include this champion in your on-going programme as well – cos many people do not know that this “R” exists!

    A lot of interesting information and sharing is available on the net, do check it out!

  3. Actually Ling, what you say is very important and should NOT be overlooked. I watched a TV show in America recently where recovering and re-using materials is becoming a very big business! You are dead right, and Kecharians need to think this way too. American businesses are making money JUST taking other people’s garbage and re-using it! Pulling nails out of boards; re-using the boards and even re-using the nails themselves are becoming commonplace even in a so-called economic powerhouse, like America.