Visit to PPR flats

23 September 2016 - 1:33am Comments Off

We visited a poor family who live in a People’s Housing Project’s (PPR) flat this afternoon. This is one of the many PPR flats that are recipients of our food bank program. As much as I wish for the condition of these PPR flats to improve, this particular PPR flat is ironically one of the more decent ones that we have been to.

How can we expect the children who grow up in this type of undesirable condition to live a better life, a life where they don’t have to worry whether there will be food on the table for dinner, a life where they can play freely in the corridors without the risk of falling down due to poorly maintained grilles, a life where they can lead a peaceful life unperturbed by the vices surrounding their neighbourhood? Surely they deserve better than this.

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