Sending food of love to many

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Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) is sending food, books and toy items to many poor families and the needy in the city, to bring relief and smiles to those who receive them. Here are some stories and pictures of our recipients who received assistance from KSK.


Our dedicated team delivered preloved toys, books and other items to the urban poor. The children and their families were thrilled to receive them.


The father of this Food Bank client is a shop assistant and also an OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya in Malay or disabled person). The mother is unemployed and has to care for her children and a bedridden grandfather. They have four kids, two are disabled. KSK Food Bank will help provide them with food and other assistance on a regular basis.


Uncle Lee has been living on the streets alone without any family members or support for many years. He was diagnosed with a tumor in his bladder. He regularly seeks medical treatment from KSK Medical Team. Today, we admitted Uncle Lee to the hospital for surgery to remove the tumor.

May Uncle Lee have a smooth surgery and speedy recovery.


Her smile says it all. This KSK client is truly grateful to receive a sewing machine from our sponsor. She immediately asked to be taught how to make tissue box covers. If she makes up to 10 pieces a day, she can potentially earn RM50 per day (RM5 per cover) and this would help to her family’s finances greatly.

Story 5

KSK staff, Elsie is doing a demonstration on rug weaving to the staff of Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur. KSK provides classes to our clients who are interested to learn such skills as this will help them earn extra income.

The handmade floor rugs below were done by mothers and housewives of Kempas PPR. One of the mothers managed to complete 10 floor rugs in a week. The mother happily received her due wages after KSK have checked the rug’s quality. Prior to this, she was a full time housewife taking care of her family and she never imagined that she could earn some income to ease her heavy financial burden. With a grateful heart, this mother is now willing to share her newly-learned skill with the other mothers at Kempas PPR.

Story 6

Another of our Food Bank beneficiary receiving monthly groceries in Ayer Itam. Despite having only one leg, he sells MBPP parking coupons as a source of income. He moves around with his crutches and his special bike to sell the parking coupons.

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