Penang Food Distribution Report: 7 – 10 March 2016

10 March 2016 - 7:32pm Comments Off

Highlights of the Week

Rosaline Heah sponsored 120 packets of vegetarian fried noodles, 120 packets of drinks, 120 pieces of butter cake, 200 bananas and 100 apples. Khaw Poh Lean also sponsored 100 bananas.


7 March

120 packets
Volunteers – Kam Kar Wy, Emily Chiang, Izat, Oon Yin Chew, Sharon Foo, Ann Ang, Jack Ung, Lawrance Liou, Wilson Lee and eight students from The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USM Penang


8 March

80 packets
Volunteers – Jenny Ong, Abby Lim, three students from KDU Penang and twelve students from Hype+ @ INTI International College


9 March

90 packets
Volunteers – YL Leong and Deebha


10 March

90 packets
Volunteers – Wendy Goh, four students from Penang Free School and five students from [email protected] International College

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