Penang Food Distribution Report: 5 – 8 September 2016

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Highlights of the Week

On Wednesday night, our food recipients were entertained by the Choir Team from Chung Ling Private High School. They enjoyed Malay, Chinese, English and Filipino songs. A big thank you to all the choir members who were kind enough to bring some entertainment to our clients.


5 September

140 packets
Sponsors: E.K. Phuah sponsored 100 buns, Khaw Poh Lean sponsored 100 bananas, Clarine sponsored 140 packets of 3-in-1 cereal, 140 packets of biscuits and 140 packets of soya bean drink
Volunteers – Gerry Ooi, Jessica Ooi, Patrick, Khaw Poh Lean, Sharon Foo, Louis Looi, Linny Neoh, Dexter Low, Joevene Ng, Howie Lee, Oon Yin Chew, Dr Khishen, Byran Loh, Chong Su Yin, Emelie Yeoh and Evangeline Lim


6 September

90 packets
Sponsor: Goh Poh Pin and Chuan Kiat sponsored 90 packets of hot vegetarian food while Jiun Wee  sponsored  90 bananas
Volunteers –  Jurin Goh, Goh Poh Hin, Hue See Loke and five students from Hype+ INTI Penang College


7 September

90 packets
Volunteers – Loo Say Leng, Ong Yee Li, Y.L. Leong, Derec Chuah and twenty nine students from Chung Ling Private High School Choir Team


8 September

85 packets
Sponsor – Goh Poh Hin and Chun Kiat sponsored 85 packets of hot vegetarian food while Jiun Wee sponsored 90 bananas
Volunteers – Nathaniell Ng, Joe Tan, Pauline Goh, Goh Poh Hin, four students from Hype+ INTI Penang College and eight students from AIESEC Student Exchange Program in USM Penang

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