Loads of Love for Urban Poor Families

20 August 2017 - 6:21pm Comments Off

Kechara Soup Kitchen is collaborating with Zubedy Ideahouse to raise funds for the urban poor under the “Grocery Something Nice” programme.

For just RM100 per month, you can help provide a poor family with some much needed groceries to cope with the high cost of urban living.

At the same time, surplus food collected from Tesco Malaysia was redistributed to poor families in Laguna Orang Asli Village. Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers who took time out from their busy schedules to make this happen. You certainly brought a lot of joy to the families! A BIG THANK YOU also to Tesco for the Food Surplus donation campaign.

Please help support Kechara’s food drive collaboration with Sunway Group in aid of poor families registered under our care. Do drop by any of the malls – Sunway Giza, Sunway Putra Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Velocity Mall and chip in – drop off some provisions for the poor. Thank you.

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