Latest Update on Madam Mah and Wong’s Case

1 July 2017 - 1:28pm Comments Off

For the past few days, we went looking for Madam Mah and Wong to understand their predicament and to give them some assistance. After a few nights spent searching, we finally found them and we observed them from afar to gauge their behaviour and to try to understand them better.

The conclusion is:

1. They left the room Justin rented for them in Imbi because Wong felt it was “boring”. They said they weren’t familiar with the place and Wong claimed they didn’t know how to return to the hotel and couldn’t contact Justin as they did not have a phone. Wong answered these questions without the presence of his mother.

2. The son has symptoms of autism. He is highly insecure and stays close to his mother. We noticed that whenever we stood next to Wong, he would quickly move away to his mother’s side and tried at all times to stay behind her. Fortunately, he started to feel more comfortable with Justin and did not try to “hide” so much.

3. Wong is easily “bored” and prefers to move around all the time. Hence, his mother and he will switch seats in McDonald’s quite a bit. They will loiter around shopping malls, switching between Kepong and Mutiara Damansara areas.

4. Madam Mah said they clean themselves in public toilets. Both of them seemed drained perhaps because they only sleep in sitting positions on seats and never lying flat on the floor. The boy especially does not sleep well.

5. They hang out mostly in KFC or McDonald’s.

6. They are not suitable to work and it is not because they are lazy. Both mother and son have minimal social contact despite being in public areas and they don’t really talk to other people. The boy shows strong signs of autism and Mdm Mah seems a little unstable too.

7. Going to institutions will not help. The son cannot be separated from his mother and Madam Mah cannot work if her son is around her all the time.

In conclusion, Kechara will find a room in Kepong Metro Prima (where Wong grew up) and seek sponsorship to pay the rent. In this way, they will at least have a place to go home to daily instead of sleeping in fast food restaurants. This will be a major step in gaining their trust. Subsequent actions will be to help them apply for their lost MYKADs, create a bank account for them, apply for welfare aid and slowly groom them to re-integrate into society.

This will be a long process but one that is needed as both mother and son have to be handled slowly and patiently. They have been disconnected from society for quite some time and will need much time and patience to help them rejoin the general population.

A big thank you to the brilliant team of Kechara Soup Kitchen volunteers Mickey Wee, Michelle Up, Jerry Tan, Tek Lee and Vivian who assisted in every way to find the mother and son. Thank you also to sponsors Lilian, Annie and La Hong for supporting this case so that the mother and son now have a home to return to. Lastly, thank you to kind netizen who gave us good information about them and their whereabouts.

If you would like to contribute towards this cause, please bank in to:

Kechara Soup Kitchen
Maybank 512231-334874 
Reference: Help Madam Mah & Son

Email your transaction slip to and include your name and mailing address. We will send you the tax exemption receipt.

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