Kuala Lumpur Soup Kitchen Report: 10 – 16 February 2016

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The week came with a good start; both Mat and Liew are now off the streets. They were both hired by a reputable factory and began working the next day. The company was kind enough to provide basic essentials like a daily allowance and accommodation. Slowly but steadily, they will earn their living and support themselves.

For the first time, Leong voluntarily signed up for rehabilitation due to drug abuse since 18 years of age. We are all happy for her in making the first step to recovery.

Later it was discovered that her abuse of substances stemmed from a disrupted family and poor decision-making.

One of KSK’s dedicated volunteers, Chloe, assisted two aunties to the hospital for their checkups. Dr. Vala was also a big help in seeing that both aunties were okay. Madam Law recently removed her cataract the other week, and without the help of these two compassionate volunteers, Madam Law would not be able to see as clearly as today.

However, some things took the team by surprise. One of KSK’s clients, En. Najib, collapsed while trying to cross the street in front of the Cahaya Suria traffic light. He was then quickly transferred to the roadside with help from the public; soon after the ambulance arrived to carry him to the hospital. Also, thanks to Ms. Hazel, a volunteer friend, for helping out with the situation.

Uncle Lim is 64 and suffered a mild stroke about two years ago. Su Ming was concerned with his health, so both she and Justin paid him a visit. Not only that, Su Ming’s gentle heart continued on when she saw three stay dogs and so she offered them dog food from a nearby convenience store.

Big thanks to Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur for starting off KSK with its first serving for 2016! Many thanks for their continous support and love given to the clients throughout these years. This is the 5th year and we wish for many more to come. Also, special thanks to Ms. Jaclyn Low and Ms Qistana for helping with distribution!

Faizal came to KL approximately three weeks ago, looking for a job and still is. He had to sleep on the streets after his money ran out. His phone is constantly unusable as there are very limited power sources to charge his phone.

Recently, he was able to charge and eventually turn on his phone. He received many missed calls and texts saying his mother had just passed away. He struggled to go home without money, so he sought help from Kechara. KSK funded his bus ticket and he was soon on his way home to pay his respects to his mother. He thanked us sincerely for helping him. Condolences to his family.

A big shoutout to Gabby from The Gardens Mall and her team; volunteers from The Garden Mall were at KSK helping to prepare and pack their sponsored food bank provisions to be delivered to poor families under our care. Thank you to everyone for their job well done !!

Uncle Lim is now off the streets! His health suggests he’s older than he looks and in his condition, it is crucial that he gets off the streets. Freedom was his main concern and he took awhile to contemplate on his options. He later mentioned that it was the few caring volunteers who played a big part in his decision.

He was taken to the rehabilitation centre as soon as he agreed and was very well received by the residents, some of whom were familiar faces he had come across on the streets. We wish Uncle Lim all the best and are proud of his decision.

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