Kuala Lumpur Kechara Soup Kitchen Report: 22-28 November 2015

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This week, youthful volunteers from Brickfields Asia College delivered supplies to families registered with Kechara Soup Kitchen’s Food Bank program. The students reflected on their day’s experience with one volunteer giving feedback saying:

The smile we saw on the uncle’s face when we helped delivered the groceries to his place made us feel that deciding to help out in a soup kitchen, even though we had no prior experience in volunteering in one, was definitely worth it.

On Tuesday, Madam Siaw was no longer able to afford rent and called KSK for help. We referred her to national shelter Anjung Singgah for temporary stay until she can rebuild her life again.

Next week, our client Mr Lee will start his first day at a new job. KSK staff are very happy with his achievement and took him to get a haircut and shopping for a few smart shirts and comfortable shoes that he can use daily.

On Thursday, AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort staff took a break from the beach and cheerfully helped us out in the Kitchen. Everyone was in good spirits and were were all surprised to learn that there were two birthdays in the house that afternoon, Happy Birthday Encik Sani and Ms. Lee! Thank you for taking leave and spending your special day helping others.

Saturday night distribution went smoothly on all routes. At the Medan Tuanku stop, a family was waiting for us to arrive. Popo had a serious eye infection. Her daughter-in-law and grandchildren transported her there all the way from Sentul to Medan Tuanku using a children’s stroller as she could not walk very well. Upon inspection, we realised her eye infection was very serious and gave her treatment and advised more follow up. The family received a brand new wheelchair from KSK to ease Popo’s mobility. We hope Popo will have a speedy recovery.

This week, Munchy’s Malaysia treated our clients to delicious biscuits and wafers. Very useful items as they are filling and are easy to store. Thank you Munchy’s for your kindness and generosity!

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