How I Became Homeless: Three Men’s Stories

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Another Homeless Client Cheated of His Salary

Mohd Anuar, a 40-year-old divorcee was cheated of his salary last November by a security company which he was working for. Being stranded for a few weeks was too much for him and he went back to Johor Bahru to look after his sick mother.

However, due to financial constraints, he attempted once more to look for a job in Kuala Lumpur, but unfortunately could not find one. He is a classic example of individuals who find it difficult to make ends meet and live a life of instability. Kechara Soup Kitchen bought him a bus ticket to go look for his uncle to seek better opportunities. We wish him the best of luck.

A Young Myanmarese Man Stranded in a Foreign Country

A young Myanmarese man was supposed to meet up with his brother shortly after landing in KLIA. He claimed that he was robbed while traveling down to KL from the airport by the taxi driver he hired midway through the journey. He was pushed out of the car after that and left stranded in Gombak.

He lost everything including the phone number of his brother. He couldn’t communicate with anyone as he doesn’t speak English and his native language could not be understood by the foreign workers here. He ended up sitting near Koh Giap Ho’s shop. Through a Thai speaking relative, Koh discovered what had happened and his sister, Lauren Tan, who volunteers in KSK referred this case to us to see how best to help him.

Our team assessed the situation and made the necessary contacts. We discovered he is a Myanmarese national and referred him to the embassy to confirm his identity. It also took the officers a while to understand his native dialect. The Myanmar embassy will replace his documents and have already located the agent based in Yangon.

They also found his brother’s number through the agent and duly contacted him to let him know what had happened. The latest update is that he has been reunited with his brother who met him after he finished his work in a popular mall. We are very happy that “Sai Kham” is saved from a life on the streets and is reunited with his family.

Helping a Homeless Friend near Selayang Area

Thanks to Tracey’s tip off, we were able to identify this client near Selayang. He claimed that he was taking shelter in one of the nearby huts and he has been surviving on the generosity of some kind people who have been buying him food. The KSK team attended to his medical needs. Apparently he has a history of mental illness and has been staying in the area since he lost contact with his family members.

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