Kechara Soup Kitchen July 2019 stories

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Empowerment for mother & child(ren)

Friday is the day for our single mothers to join in our Skill Empowerment Class. Whilst the mothers were either learning a new skill or honing a learned skill, their children were happily learning from our volunteers while waiting for their mother. There are always activities for the children to help improve their academic or general knowledge.

Special thanks to our volunteers for teaching the children at Kechara Soup Kitchen Johor Bahru Centre.

Good to see empowerment for the mothers as well as their young ones. After all, education and skills are the keys that can help them get out of poverty.

KSK helps man with lost MyKad

Living out on the streets is no walk in the park and challenges are plenty. Many are out on the streets due to various reasons such as unemployment, family troubles, poverty and so on. It gets even more complicated when the homeless lose their identity card.

KSK is very happy to be able to help this gentleman replace his Mykad and continue to move forward, hopefully to a brighter future.

KSK Melaka’s rescued buns help needy students perform better in schools

Did you know that many students go hungry during school because they can’t afford to buy food? Going hungry is common for needy students and they often lose their concentration during classes because of their gnawing hunger. This adversely impacts their studies and these students will continue to get stuck in vicious poverty cycle if they are unable to excel in their studies.

Seen in these photos are our KSK Melaka team members delivering buns to needy students. These buns are surplus rescued from various sources to help feed the needy students so that they have one less worry and are able to focus better in their studies.

If you’d like to get involved in any way at all, you can volunteer your time and energy or contribute in terms of goods or services. No matter how small your help may seem, it would certainly go a long way

View KSK’s activities here:

Team Friday @Kuching distributes surplus bread & fruits to the needy

Meanwhile in another part of the country, Team Friday in Kuching distributed surplus buns and fruits to residents in Desa Bina. Here, most of the children have special needs or are mentally challenged. Most of the buns rescued here in Kuching are distributed to school children and the homeless.

We are especially grateful to our food rescue heroes for their dedication and hard work as they are the means to bridge the gap between the surplus food and those in need.

Without these unsung heroes, the food would go to waste and hungry stomachs are left unfed.

Humanitarian aid for Melaka flood victims

During the recent major storm in Melaka, several places, such as Batu Berendam, were flooded. Residents suffered losses not only in terms of damaged property and personal items but also suffered mental distress. KSK Melaka quickly sprang into action to offer aid to all those affected by the floods. The Melaka team sourced, collected and distributed aid to those affected. Those affected by the floods were given food and groceries to help tide them over.

Charity helps charity

Many charitable organisations that carry out efforts similar to Kechara Soup Kitchen are unable to cover orphanages, old folks homes and even homes for the disabled. This is due to limitations such as financial constraints, lack of manpower and resources.

As we understand the challenges faced by such charitable organisations and homes, we try to lend a helping hand by sending them fresh produce collected from our partners. We’re glad to be able to rescue surplus food from our partners to channel it to our charity partners like Rumah Titian Kaseh. While this effort may not seem much to many people, we are happy to help out in a small way by providing fresh produce to homes such as this one.

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