Kechara Soup Kitchen Report: 12 -19 March 2016

19 March 2016 - 8:18pm Comments Off

It was great to have Kechara members in Kuantan go out on the streets of Kuantan to serve the homeless. Bravo!!

Some of the many needy families in Kechara Soup Kitchen’s Food Bank delivery programme have benefitted in the month of March. Thank you very much to all our kind sponsors. Please continue to support us as we have many more clients to reach out to who are in dire need as the cost of living escalates.

Mr Tong lost his Mykad whilst sleeping on the streets. KSK helped him to replace it. With his new Mykad, KSK can get him a job and he can be integrated back into society and does not need to be homeless anymore.

Mr Tanimalay was having abdominal pains. KSK brought him to see a doctor and got some prescriptions for him. Hope he will get better soon.

Students from La Salle School helped us to sort out the clothes and the kitchen. Thank you for the wonderful job done! It’s great to see the younger generation enthusiastically take on tasks to help charities. This will add tremendous value to their lives.

Mr Law suffered from a terrible injury recently and subsequently lost his job. KSK’s medical team has been visiting Mr Law regularly to help clean and dress his injuries. Currently he does odd jobs during the day time whilst bearing with the pain. We hope he recovers soon.

Encik Adam, one of KSK’s regular clients checked into our soup kitchen today. He was feeling very weak and has been unwell for two weeks. He has also been coughing badly for the past three months. Our medic team brought him to the Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur for scans to further assess his condition.

KSK regular volunteers Chloe and Andy took our client Aunty Lee for her eye operation. The operation went smoothly and it is heart warming to know Aunty Lee is now able to see clearly again! Prior to this, she had difficulty in her daily life and she was too poor to afford an eye operation. Thank you to the sponsors and the kind volunteers.

The KSK team came across a young mother stranded on the streets together with her baby on Saturday night. We learnt that Sharipah has been out on the streets with her baby for quite some time now, wandering aimlessly. We coaxed her to settle down at Pusat Transit Gelandangan for the moment. She definitely needs counselling and other forms of assistance to rebuild her life.

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