Kechara Foodbank in collaboration with The Lost Food Project

11 October 2016 - 2:17am Comments Off

This is our Food Bank delivery in action! We were able to extend help to this orphanage which cares for abandoned children via our Food Bank programme. Special thanks to The Lost Food Project for their food contribution which enabled us to perform our duty as one of Malaysia’s Food Banks. May the children never go hungry again.

Meanwhile, this our food distribution in Johor Bahru, or “JB”. We are very glad to see how our Johor Bahru operations have grown since the early days when we first expanded our operations to this city.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to our kitchen volunteers. Although food preparation may be seen as less ‘glamorous’ compared to going out on the streets to distribute food, your efforts are the main foundation of our food distribution operations. Without you guys, there won’t be any food to distribute! And remember, whatever you have done will end up in the stomachs of the needy. That’s indeed a worthwhile endeavour!

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